Rehorn Investigative Services Enterprise
Rehorn Investigation Services Enterprise:

Located in Boise, Idaho and Bay Minette, Alabama. Serving the needs
of individuals, attorneys, insurance companies and corporations
throughout the U.S.

Our investigators have over 30 years combined governmental and
investigative experience. At R.I.S.E, it is our goal to provide our clients
with the highest level of investigations in a legal and ethical manner, while
ensuring our client's confidentiality. We provide custom services to meet
our clients needs and we take pride in being able to offer our services in
Idaho, Alabama, and across the United States. We pride ourselves in
conducting due diligence investigations and providing our clients the
information they need to bring their case to a positive end.

With R.I.S.E., you can expect that higher level of investigations.

Our ability and determination to excellence is what sets us apart.  When
you employ R.I.S.E., you can count on quality service that you can be
proud of.

We know many of our clients have never hired a Private Investigator and
it is in that spirit that we make it our mission that each client understands
every aspect of  what we can do for them. We are committed to
understanding our clients needs and providing the highest standard of
Business Is A Long
Term Relationship -
Not Short Term